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A Complete Guide for Your New
Inflatable Game

Inflatable Interactive Games & Slides Manual
*Do not operate your inflatable prior to thoroughly reading and understanding this owner’s manual.
*If you have any questions, contact Happy Jump, Inc.
Provided By:
Happy Jump, Inc
P.O. Box 1025
Sun Valley, CA 91353
Phone 818.504.3991
Fax 818.504.3990

Table of Contents

Safety Operating Instructions
Preparation & Safety Checklist
Site Layout
Tools and Equipment
Setup Procedures
Deflation & Packing Instructions
Additional Signage & Safety Guidelines

Table of Contents


Congratulations on your purchase of a brand new Happy Jump, Inc Inflatable Game. We are pleased to inform you that this unit has passed our meticulous inspections. You can be rest assured that this inflatable unit is the best in the industry.

We take safety very seriously and as we pass this inflatable unit to you, we pass on the responsibility of providing the utmost safety. It is very important that you and any one who operates this unit reads and understands this manual entirely.

This manual will explain in detail how to check site location, set up, how to repack, and maintain this unit. It will also explain some good general information that will be helpful in numerous situations.

If you have read this manual and have suggestions and/or questions, please feel free to contact us with your comments.

Thank you once again and we hope you enjoy years of uninterrupted service with your new inflatable.

Upon Arrival/Inspection

Upon arrival of your equipment, you should check to make sure that you have received the following items. If any item is missing, please inform us immediately.

  • Inflatable Game wrapped on a pallet
  • Spikes
  • Inflation Fan
  • Safety Instruction Printed on the Unit.
  • Accessories Box (if applicable)
  • Business Card Holder Sewn into the unit.
  • Repair Kit
  • Custom printed banner with your company name and telephone number
  • Steps (if applicable)



Interactive Game

-For particular operation information about your specific inflatable, refer to the appendix.
-Each specific unit has different requirements for tie downs, operators, etc.

The operator is responsible for:

  • Monitoring inflation of the unit
  • Screening and admitting patrons
  • Making patrons aware of the rules
  • Assisting patrons with protective gear
  • Monitoring patrons while using the ride
  • Cleaning and maintaining protective gear
  • Matching patrons as to size, age and ability
  • Maintaining order and compliance with rules

Table of Contents

Safety Operating Instructions For Inflatable Ride Operator

  • Children’s safety depends on the presence of an operator. Always have the inflatable unit supervised by an operator who has reviewed and understands the safety rules.
  • Do not setup near swimming pools.
  • Keep age and size of riders comparable. Extra caution is needed for children ages three and under. Never allow older kids to bounce with children three and under.
  • No one should be permitted to ride the unit if weight exceeds 200 lbs.
  • Individuals with head, neck, back or other muscular skeletal injuries or disabilities, pregnant women, small infants and others who may be susceptible to injury from falls, bumps or bouncing are not permitted on or in the unit at any time.
  • Number of riders should be limited to the number specified on the label located on the side or back of the inflatable.
  • Absolutely no pets are allowed on or by the unit at any time.
  • Do not allow climbing on the unit or netting of equipment by anyone inside or outside of the inflatable unit.
  • Do not allow anyone to jump or dive on the inflatable near the door of the unit.
  • No flips wrestling or extreme horseplay is allowed while on the ride.
  • Do not allow riders to bounce closer than four feet from each other.
  • Keep riders from putting netting in their mouths.
  • No Food, drinks, gum, candy, confetti or trash in or around the inflatable.
  • Do not allow any silly string in or around the inflatable, it will damage the unit.
  • No one is allowed on the ride while it is being inflated or deflated.
  • Unit must be anchored prior to and during operation.
  • Persons not following the safety rules should be asked to leave.
  • Do not spray water on the ride for any reason.
  • If wind becomes excessive (15 mph or more), unload occupants and deflate the ride.
  • Do not allow anyone to put fingers/hands or any objects in to the fan intake, motor, motor housing or outlet when running.
  • Check stakes regularly to ensure they are tight.
  • Check the blower/inflation tube regularly to ensure there is not any excessive leakage.
  • Check GFCI at least once per event after the initial setup.
  • Operator should be present at the climbing area to help climbers or remove those who are not capable of climbing.
  • Do not run to the inflatable to get a head start.
  • Absolutely no diving on any inflatables
  • No Running, No Horse Play, No Diving.
  • Contact Happy Jump, Inc if the safety rules label is not readable or missing. It is your responsibility to check that the label is clean and visible to the customer at all times.
  • Inspect the inflatable before each use
  • For additional information you can contact Happy Jump, Inc, Monday through Friday during normal business hours.
  • Only one person may slide per sliding area.
  • Do not slide head first.
  • Do not use the Side walls to slow yourself down on Slides.
  • Do not jump or dive in the slide.
  • Slide down seated, legs together going first on any sliding area.
  • Only one person per lane on obstacle courses and slides.
  • The landing area of a slide must be clear before the next person begins to slide down.
  • Parents/ Guardians may not hold or accompany the rider while sliding.
  • Do Not start sliding until the landing area is clear of all other riders.
  • Exit the slide immediately after stopping in the landing area
  • Do not climb back up the slide from the sliding area.
  • Use only the designated steps to climb up the top platform.
  • Rides must crawl in and through end of obstacle course.
  • Do not jump in or out of Obstacle Course or any other inflatables.
  • Some games including: Home Run Challenge (H.R.C), and Giant Basketball Hoop (G.B.H) require additional clearance around the game. Make sure no one stands near to batting person on H.R.C and no one goes under the Basketball Hoop on G.B.H while participant is throwing the ball, this may cause serious injuries.
  • Absolutely No Running, No Horse Play, No Diving in Any Inflatables

Table of Contents

Preparation & Safety Checklist

  • Do not inflate in high winds or rain. Maximum high winds are 15 mph. While ride is operating and winds become excessive, unload all occupants, and deflate the ride.
  • Do not inflate at temperatures less than 40 degrees F.
  • Use an adequate three-wire extension cord, minimum 12 gauge. Never cut or remove the round grounding pin from the cord.
  • Always connect the GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) extension cord adapter to any cord before plugging into a power source. This reduces possibility of arcing the GFCI contacts. A GFCI extension cord adapter can be purchased at most Do-It your self stores, i.e. Home Depot, Builders Square, Lowe’s, etc…

Table of Contents

Site Layout

Site Layout
Make sure area is clear of any debris and that you have 5 feet clearance around and above the perimeter of the inflatable
  1. Pick a location free from overhead electrical power or telephone lines. Location should be free from trees that could damage or stain the inflatable. An unobstructed area should be maintained for 5 feet around and above the perimeter of the inflatable.
  2. Contact all utility companies and have all underground utility lines properly located so no accidental contact occurs when driving stakes.
  3. Ensure there are no underground irrigation pipes or other utilities that the property owner has installed.
  4. Make sure the location selected is leveled and has no slope.
  5. Keep the front of the inflatable clear and accessible at all times.

Table of Contents

Tools & Equipment

(1) Sledge Hammer
(1) Hand Truck
(1) Ground liner (Tarp)
(1) 50′ or 100′ 12 gauge extension cord

Table of Contents

Setup Procedures


A. Place and line up the unit. Unroll the blower tubes and the unit.
B. Unfold the sides and straighten them out.
C. Stake the inflatable.
D. Close the opening of one of the bower tube.
E. Plug the fan power cord and slide the blower opening into the tube.

  1. Place your ground cover sheet over the site where you want the inflatable to stand.
  2. a. If your game consists of 2 units which are setup in a line, place and adjust the two units so that they open up against each other. Unknot the straps and remove them. Place them aside so you do not lose them. Make sure that the attachment velcros line up on the 2 units.
    b. If your game consists of 3 or more pieces which line up side by side, place and adjust the units next to each other such as the visual in the appendix. Unknot the straps and remove them. Place them aside so you do not lose them. Make sure that the attachment velcros line up on all units.
  3. Locate the blower tubes on each unit. At least one of the tubes per unit must be attached to the motor blower; any extra tubes should be closed off. Pleat and fold the vinyl fabric as tight as you can. Then use the attached strap to secure it shut. This does not have to be airtight. Escaping air is what makes your unit bouncy. Some larger units might require 2 or more motor blowers. Refer to the appendix to find out the required number of blowers. Check around the unit for any deflation zippers and make sure they are closed and secured by their flap.
  4. Plug the fan power cord into the extension. Make sure the extension cord is away from foot traffic. Slide the blower opening into the tube. Then pleat and fold the extra fabric around the blower to secure and wrap the strap around the blower and tighten. Make sure to gather all the fabric in the strap, especially around the bottom. Tighten the strap using the self-locking clip which is attached to the strap.
  5. Plug the extension cord into the power source. Locate the on/off switch on the fan and turn it on. Make sure the extension cord is away from foot traffic. Observe the inflation of the inflatable as it rises.
  6. If your game is a multi piece unit, after it has been inflated, move the pieces so that the velcro attachments line up to each other, then deflate the units. Once units are deflated, connect the velcro attachment points. If the units are placed next to each other correctly, one side should have two flaps with velcro on the inner sides of the flaps while the corresponding unit has one flap with velcro on the two outer sides. Place the two-sided velcro flap between the two flaps of the corresponding unit and secure. Turn the motor blowers on and re-inflate the units.
  7. Locate all of the tie down straps on the bottom of the unit. (There should be at least one tide down strap on each corner and in some cases, one in between corners.) Extend the strap & drive the provided stakes through the ring at the end of the strap. Locate all upper tethers and use the provided straps to extend them to the ground. Stake these tethers down in the sides and an approximately 45 degree angle.
    Note: Always use the provided stakes. Do not replace these stakes with different stakes. If you lose them, contact Happy Jump to purchase replacements. Sand or water bags can be used instead of stakes, check the appendix for information about the number of bags to use. Before driving stakes, make sure they are not in the vicinity of utilities or irrigation.
  8. Before letting anyone on please do a quick inspection of the unit. When properly inflated, all inflated areas of the unit will be pressurized and firm. Make sure the extension cord is away from any foot traffic. Check the inflation tube to make sure it is properly attached to the blower fan. The inflation tube must be properly closed around the fan outlet cone to prevent large air leakage.
  9. Do not place fingers or hands into the intake or outlet when the fan is operating. Do not allow any children or adults in the rear of the ride or near the electric blower fan at any time.
  10. Make sure the operator understands all the rules and safety procedures.

Table of Contents

Deflation & Packing Instructions


A. Unplug the blower fan and unhook the straps on the other blower tube.
B. Fold in the base of the unit and walk front to back of the unit.
C. Make two folds to the middle of the unit and walk around it.
D. Fold the half folds and walk again..
E. Start to roll, from the front of the unit.
F. Slide the straps and tie with a tight slipknot.

For the Obstacle Course (2 units) do the following instructions for both of the units.

Before Deflating

Step 1: Before breaking down any game, inspect the games for any damages and repair as necessary. Remove all accessories that may be applicable to the game. This may include items such as harnesses, backing plates, bungee cords, etc… Be sure to use a quality broom and sweep the surface of the game free of any debris. Check to make sure that no sharp objects have fallen into the seams of the game, i.e. pens, the rolling up process. Also make sure the game is dry, if not please dry the game.
Step 2: Buckle any plastic snaps to reduce the possibility of entanglement in the mesh.
NOTE: If the unit has steps attached to it, we highly recommend removing the steps and rolling them separately. This is to ensure the life spam and quality of the steps.


Step 3: Unplug the blower fan. As the game begins to deflate, go around and unhook the straps that secure the blower tube to the blower. Unhook the straps on the other blower tube to allow air to escape.
Step 4: Pull out the stakes around the unit and pack them up. If the game is a multi unit piece, unhook the velcro attachments and proceed with the following steps for each individual piece.
Step 5: Walk from front to back of the unit to move any remaining air towards the blower tubes.
NOTE: For obstacle course, detach the velcro before starting the folding process.


Step 6: Fold in the base of the unit all the way around and walk around the unit to remove any air.
Step 7: Now make two half folds to the middle and walk around to remove any air.
Step 8: Fold in the half folds and again walk around removing any remaining air. You are now ready to roll!


Step 9: Prior to rolling the game, make sure that there is no excessive air and the fold is firm. Start your roll from the front of the unit and roll it up like a sleeping bag. Keep pushing and flattening the roll as you go. You may also want to have someone walk on the roll in front of you.
Step 10: At the end of the roll, the blower tubes must be on the outside. Slide the straps under the unit and then run the end of the straps through the rings on the other end of the straps, pull tight. Loop the end of the strap around and tie a tight slipknot.

Standing the Game

Step11: Place the storage bag over the end of the game and work it down as far as you can. It is important that you work the bottom of the bag down to the top of the roll. Rotate the game 180 degrees and pull the bag over the top of the game/Tie the bag closed. Use a two wheel dolly to transport the blower and accessories back to the same area. Now you are ready to pack up and leave.

Table of Contents


Incase of rain and/or lightening, have children exit the unit and turn off the motor. Fold the unit and cover it with the tarp as soon as possible to help keep it dry. When rain stops use towels to dry the inside of the unit, then resume play.

Power failure – If the fan motor stops, riders must immediately stop jumping and calmly exit the bouncer. Hold open the exit flap of the unit and guide the riders out. Overloading an electrical circuit is the most common cause of the fan stopping; reset the fuse panel, make sure the fan motor has a dedicated circuit.

Table of Contents

Additional Signage & Safety Guidelines

Operators must make customers aware of the following information before allowing them to participate on any inflatable games. We recommend having a sign made that can be placed in front of the game, and large enough to read from a minimum distance of 50 inches.

We want you to have the most fun possible while helping us maintain the highest level of safety for you and your operators. You should not participate in these games if you have any of the following conditions:

  • Current or previous injury to the back or neck.
  • Any respiratory conditions, including, but not limited to asthma or bronchitis.
  • Pregnancy
  • Chronic knee or other joint conditions
  • Any heart or circulatory conditions

Remember, these games do require a certain amount of physical exertion, and you must judge for yourself your ability to participate.

If you do decide to participate, we suggest you do the following for your own personal safety.

  2. Follow the attendant’s instructions closely. They are there for your own safety
  3. Remove all loose and dangling jewelry and/or clothing, bracelets, watches, and earrings.
  4. Remove shoes
  5. No flips, wrestling, or extreme horseplay allowed while on ride.
  6. Do not bounce closer than four feet from each other.
  7. Do not bounce on the step or near the doorway.
  8. No sharp objects allowed inside moonwalk.
  9. No climbing or hanging on the outside walls or roof.
  10. No one is allowed on the ride while it is being inflated or deflated.
  11. No silly String or glitter is to be used. Do not tape or apply anything on to the ride.
  12. Stay off netting at all times

If you have any questions, or are unsure of your ability to participate, ask the game attendant for assistance.

Table of Contents

Equipment Maintenance

Keeping your unit well maintained will ensure the unit a longer life. That is why we strongly recommend cleaning your inflatable unit before and after every rental. This can be a brief spot cleaning. This will give you the opportunity to inspect the unit for wear and/or tear damage. Check the underside as you fold and roll the unit for scuffs or tears. You should also give it a quick disinfecting spray so that it is ready for the next time.


  • Schedule a time once a month to set each unit up and go over it in detail. Check the underside for weak spots or scuffs and apply patches as needed.
  • Blow the unit up, and deflate to check the roof. Spray an all-purpose cleaner and wipe it down.
  • Spray disinfecting cleaner in the blower tube so that it can help keep the inside clean. Re-inflate the unit and work your way from one side of the entrance all the way around the unit. Spraying down and wiping as much of the unit as possible. You may want to bring a stepladder so that you can reach the higher sections. Climb inside the unit and do the same thing.


  • Do not use chlorine based cleaners or bleach cleaners as it may damage the threads.
  • Do not use bathroom cleaners.
  • Do not use any cleaner that warns, “Do not use on soft vinyl”.
  • Do not use any abrasive cleaners.
  • Keep in mind that children are going to come into close contact, so be sure to use a cleaner that is non toxic and safe.

Always test a new cleaner on a scrap from your repair kit before putting it in your unit.

To repair tears up to 12″, use the “single patch method,” as follows:

  • Cut an oval patch of proper material approximately 2″ larger than the tear.
  • Clean the surface around the tear with a recommended solvent.
  • Apply the proper glue to both the patch and the fabric around the tear.
  • Let glue dry for 3 minutes.
  • Press the glued sides together for 15 minutes, until the glue has dried.
  • Begin inflation and check for leaks around the patch.

To repair a larger tear, use the “double patch method,” as follows:

  • Cut the appropriate size patch as described above.
  • Clean the interior surface around the tear, apply the glue, let dry and press together as described above.
  • After the inside patch has dried for 15 minutes, apply another patch to the outside in exactly the same way.
  • Begin inflation and check for leaks around the patched area.

Motor Blower

An electrical motor blower is included with this game, for instructions and technical data for the blower, please refer to the motor blower box. (A complete owner’s manual for your motor blower is in the container, if it is missing, contact the manufacturer for another copy.

Table of Contents

Limited Warranty

Happy Jump, Inc: Sells a wide range of products and warranties vary by product. Please ask a representative to disclose a particular warranty for the product(s) you are purchasing, if you do not see that information here. Our warranty specifically excludes freight in either direction, and freight is the express responsibility of the purchaser.

Happy Jump, Inc: Reserves the right to inspect all warranty claims and make a final decision based on the validity of the claim.

Happy Jump, Inc: Will make a good faith effort for prompt correction or other adjustment with respect to any product that proves to be defective within the limited warranty. Contact Happy Jump, Inc. toll free at 877-244-5867 to discuss any warranty concerns you may have.

Inflatable Units: All inflatable games manufactured by Happy Jump, Inc. are warrantied to the original purchaser, either directly or through a qualified reseller, against defects in workmanship or materials for a period of two years on bouncers and one year on interactive games from the date of purchase. Normal wear and tear is expected and is not covered by the warranty.

Peripheral Parts: Peripheral parts do not have a warranty. However, we will honor an obvious defect in workmanship or material when these parts are used under normal conditions for a period of 30 days from date of purchase. The parts in question must be returned to Happy Jump, Inc. for inspection and opinion. The decision of Happy Jump, Inc. is final.

Other Equipment: Each manufacturer offers a specific warranty on the products they make, and these warranties will be supplied upon request to the purchaser.

Return Policy: All games and products manufactured by Happy Jump, Inc. are considered custom built per order. In the event a product is returned for any reason not the fault of Happy Jump, Inc., a 25% restocking fee may apply.

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4-1 Combo
(Model CO2201-CO2206)

-The total dimensions & weight for this unit are:
* 17′ L x 15′ W x 15′ H
Total – 330 lbs (weight of unit)

– Maximum Participants:*
* 8 Children
(Max. weight 800 lbs. in total)

– Minimum Height Requirement: 36″

-This unit has a total of 7 tie downs:
* 4 tie downs on the bottom
* 3 tie downs on top

-Each tie down location must be either staked to the ground with at least 18″ long stake or sandbag with at least four (4) – 50 Lbs. sandbag on each anchor.
-For Setup & Take down procedures, refer to pages 5-8
-This Inflatable Game Requires 1 Motor Blower.


-One (1) operator is needed to operate this unit when used in a public area.
-Allow only the number of adults or children specified on the ride information data plate are permitted in the unit at one time.